ovice Update Information September 2023 - Part 1

September 5, 2023

ovice Update Information

September 2023 - Part 1


Increase Efficiency and Improve
Business Operations with Time-Saving Updates

We will introduce the update information for the first half of September 2023 regarding the functions of the business metaverse "ovice" that reduces time loss and promotes business operations such as operation effort, information confirmation, waiting for members to gather, etc. This time, there are 3 items in total.

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Meeting Room Update

ovice's meeting room allows you to have a private conversation without being overheard by those around you. You can make reservations in advance and check who else has reserved it.

With this update, you can now get the meeting room URL from the menu by selecting Copy Meeting Room URL.

The URL can be retrieved as https://xxx.ovice.in/schedule/~~~. When informing participants of the schedule, providing this URL alone will help them join the meeting more smoothly.

▲ Select View Current Reservation from the three dots on the top right of the conference room to check the details of your reservation as shown in the image above.

Two Updates to Direct Messages

If you use direct messaging/mention chat  to send a message to other users in ovice, you can exchange messages without disturbing other users. This feature is useful when you want to send a link to a document, have a quick private chat, say hello when entering and leaving a room, or in situations where voice conversation is a bit distracting.

Previously, this mention chat history would disappear from the chat field when you exited or reloaded the ovice space. In response to user feedback, the content is now retained even after leaving the space. If you re-enter the ovice space after reloading or leaving the web browser, you will be able to see the previously receivedchats. Additionally, when you receive a mention chat containing a URL, you can now access the link by clicking on the "Notification" URL displayed in the upper right corner. You can access the URL destination without opening the chat field, so there are no wasted clicks!

Improved Sound Effect for Shoulder Tap

ovice's shoulder tap can be used to ask someone if they are available for a chat.In this update, the sound effect has been changed and the volume is now lower than in the previous version. You can now hear the sound without being startled or disrupted.