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Common challenges in building a remote team

It's difficult to follow up with new members because you don't know their current situation
You can't create a sense of unity
Casual communication is challenging

ovice helps you get rid of these problems
and create a better environment for your team

ovice helps you see who is available, making resolving issues in an instant possible.
By gathering everyone's avatars together you can feel a sense of unity.
You can have quick conversations just by getting closer, enabling quick feedback.

What is ovice?

ovice is a Virtual Workspace solution, which allows users to create their own avatar and move it freely around their personal space as well as easily approach others and start a conversation.

Simple features for everyone

Voice Direction

The direction your avatar faces has a wide range. Getting closer to others makes it easier for them to hear you.

Meeting Objects

Allows you to start Voice and Video calls instantly.

Meeting Rooms

Private environment where only those who are allowed access can enter. Ideal for meetings dealing with sensitive information.


Provides text based communication,
easily share comments or URLs.

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