ovice Service Level Agreement

Last updated: March 31, 2023

This Service Level Agreement (this “SLA”) stipulates quality guarantees for services (the “Services”)provided through “ovice” operated by oVice, Inc. (the “Company”) and will be applied to service agreements concerning the Services executed between the Company and its counterparts. Unless otherwise stipulated in this SLA, this SLA is subject to the conditions of the “ovice Terms of Use”(the “Terms of Use”) and the terminologies defined in this SLA have the same meaning as those defined in the Terms of Use. The Company may amend the terms and conditions of this SLA through the same procedures for amending those of the Terms of Use in accordance with this SLA

Article 1 Scope of this SLA
  • In principle, this SLA will be stipulated in a uniform manner for any of the Services. However, a unique service level agreement might be stipulated for a specific function. In this case, such unique service level agreement will be applicable and prevailing over this SLA.

    This SLA will be applied to subscribers using the Services for charges (i) whose contractual terms of the Services are one (1) year or (ii) whose contractual terms of the Services are one (1) month and which continue to use the Services for ninety (90) days or longer (such subscribers are referred to as “Subscriber”).
Article 2 Guaranteed Ratio
  • The Company shall use its best efforts to keep Available Hours Ratio (to be defined below) during a Quarter (to be defined below) for any Subscriber at or above 99.87% (the “Guaranteed Ratio”). If Available Hours Ratio is below the Guaranteed Ratio, relevant Subscribers may receive Service Credits as stipulated below.
Article 3 Definitions of this SLA Terminologies
  1. “Quarter” : Each of the periods starting respectively on February 1, May 1, August 1, and November 1 and ending three (3) months later.
  2. “Basic Hours” : The total hours of a relevant Quarter minus Planned Suspension Hours for such Quarter. If such Planned Suspension Hours are extended during initial announcement periods, such extended hours will not be included in Basic Hours.
  3. “Planned Suspension Hours” : Hours during which the Services will be suspended due to regular activities such as repair and maintenance.
  4. “Halt Hours” : The total number of hours concerning which the Company confirms that either entering or leaving the virtual space, making voice calls within the space, or manipulating a management screen is unavailable for a continuous period of five minutes (300 seconds) or more during a relevant Quarter.
  5. “Available Hours Ratio” (Available Hours Ratio during a Quarter concerning which anapplication is made as defined in 4. Service Credits) : The ratio of Basic Hours minus Halt Hours toBasic Hours.
    *(Basic Hours – Halt Hours) / Basic Hours x 100 (%)
Article 4 Service Credits
  • If a Subscriber registers itself at any of the Services and if the Available Hours Ratio during a Quarter of the Services concerning such registration is below 99.87%, then on the ground that such Available Hours Ratio fails to meet the Guaranteed Ratio, such Subscriber may apply for the grant of Service Credits in accordance with this SLA by a method designated by the Company, no later than fifteenth(15th) of the month immediately following the month to which the last day of such Quarter belongs.
  • If such Available Hours Ratio during the Quarter of the Services concerning such registration fails to meet the Guaranteed Ration regarding the Subscriber which makes such application (“Applicant”) and if the Company admits that such failure is true, the Company shall grant Service Credits as stipulated below to the Company no later than the last day of the month immediately following the month to which the day of such application belongs.
[Service Credits Percentage]

Available Hours Ratio during a Quarter concerning which an application is made

Service Credits

No less than 99.0% and below 99.87%
No less than 95.0% and below 99.0%
Below 95%
  • The Company shall apply Service Credits as of the time when the Applicant’s obligation to pay charges for the Services arises for the first time after such application (“Applicable Time”) and shall at theApplicable time reduce the amount of such charges by the amount which the Company calculates in accordance with the formula below (however, if the Subscriber uses the Services for a period of time with a coupon, product key, or ticket purchase, such period will not be included in Basic Hours).
[Formula of Reduction Amount]

Basic Charges x Applicable Service Credits Percentage (a percentage calculated in accordance with the table under [Service Credits Percentage] above.)

  • “Basic Charges” mean the amount equivalent to three (3) months’ charges for the Services which aSubscriber actually pays during a Quarter concerning which the Applicant makes such application to the Company. Regarding an Applicant using the Services under an agreement of one-year term, BasicCharges will be the amount equivalent to three (3) months’ charges for the Services, which is a quarter of annual charges actually paid by such Applicant. If any fraction less than one (1) yen arises as a result of such calculation, such fraction will be rounded off.
  • However, if a relevant agreement concerning the Services does not continue from the day of such application above to the Applicable Time, granted Service Credits will be invalidated and service charges will not be reduced in accordance with this SLA.
  • Notwithstanding Article 3(2), if an Applicant commences using the Services in the middle of a Quarter, Basic Hours will be the hours of the period between such commencement day and the end of such Quarter. The Available Hours Ratio will be calculated with such Basic Hours and if such Available Hours Ratio is below the Guaranteed Ratio, Service Credits will be granted to such Applicant.
  • If an Applicant changes its contractual plan concerning the Services after the day of an application and if the reduction amount calculated by the Company in accordance with this SLA exceeds, as of the Applicable Time, the amount of charges for the Services that such Applicant is obliged to pay, then the reduction method will be separately designated by the Company.
Article 5 Operational Situations
  • In the Services, operational situations are always monitored and in cases of failures, situations concerning such failures will be disclosed on the Company’s website.
Article 6 Restriction on Guarantee
  • The infrastructure for the Services is automatically adjusted depending on load situations and in cases of increase or decrease of loads during normal usage, relevant resources will automatically be adjusted to an optimal level. However, if any sudden increase occurs in factors including tracking numbers, data input amounts, and delivery numbers, then necessary resources might not be added in a timely manner. This SLA and any service level agreement will not be applied to Halt Hours due to such a sudden increase in use.