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Just like in a real space, the atmosphere can greatly change
with just one layout. In ovice, you can freely express yourself.
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What is a layout?
With ovice, you can easily set background images tailored to various settings such as offices and event venues. You can change the background image as many times as you want, and it's easy to adapt the background to the atmosphere of the office or the seasons.
Design Types
Usage Scenarios
Community, etc.
Over 400 types of ovice layouts (free)
Pick from three space sizes
Maximum number of users
50 People
Suitable for about 10 people
to use at the same time.
Maximum number of users
200 People
Suitable for about 40 people
to use at the same time.
Maximum number of users
200 People and above
Suitable for about 160 or
more people to use at the same time.
S size
Maximum number of users: 50 people
Size example: 1200 x 640px*
M size
Maximum number of users: 200 people
Size example: 2400 x 1280 px*
L size
Maximum number of users: 200 people and above
Size example: 4800 x 2560px*
*Assuming 1 square is 80x80 px, the S size can be adjusted up to 120 squares, M size up to 500 squares, and L size up to 1920 squares. For more details about sizes,  click here.
The size of the space is determined by the pricing plan.
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Customizing Your Layout Design
Create an Original Layout (free)
You can create your layout using pre-made images
Self-reform assets for office, event, and academy
Various figures including furniture, interiors, and plants
We provide layout sets according to space size and assets for customization.
*Self-reform is supported only in 2D and 2.5D
Custom Original Layouts Made for Your Needs (charges apply)
You can create an original layout based on how you use your space.
You can order to create the original layout with your preferred design offices.
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