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Unite and activate community
members remotely.
Build and strengthen communities, even when apart.

Casual gatherings and interactions in a virtual space

Existing communication tools often struggle to convey a sense of warmth and unity.
Many find it challenging to realize the desire for creating a more relaxed space
for social interaction and fostering community activation.
With ovice, just bringing avatars closer enables a real communication experience.

180,000 people are using ovice


The tool is accessible to anyone,
making it user-friendly and easy to get accustomed to.
Easy interaction
with freedom of movement
It's easy to interact with anyone, with clear visibility of who is where and talking to whom. Members can engage with each other in a way that closely resembles real-world interactions. Video and microphone controls are optional, and there's no enforced requirement for video, allowing everyone to enjoy interactions more casually.

How ovice users are managing community

Avex Artist Academy: Provides lecture programs online instead of offline studio, eliminate demotivation factor using casual chat capability of ovice.

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Learning community: Users really loved being able to start a chat with someone just by getting closer to them.

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Career support cafe: Students from the Indian Institute of Technology also visited. In times when it is difficult to go abroad, this is a valuable place to communicate with students outside their own country.

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User Feedback

General Incorporated Association Kuramae Industrial Association

Similar to when in an office, it's great to be able to have a casual conversation with others. It helps making you feel as part of a team.


When any issues occur, we can quickly get together, discuss the cause openly and find a way to fix it. That is one of the best things about ovice.


With ovice we can now communicate with our sales members in seconds, as if we were at the same location.

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