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Break Free from Workplace Constraints with
a Virtual Space that Fosters Active Interaction

A flexible work environment requires an atmosphere where employees can easily chat and
communicate with each other, just as they would in the office.
With oVice, you can seamlessly communicate with colleagues, track attendance and work status,
and consolidate a diverse range of knowledge that
transcends geographical boundaries.
This includes the headquarters, branches, local and overseas personnel, as well as external partners.

Communication made easy

Experience seamless collaboration

Start conversations seamlessly

Easily walk up to someone and say Hi!

Allow for quick and spontaneous conversations

Virtual watercooler spaces and interactive areas for casual conversations

Energize your team with animated reactions

Feel free to join the conversation through audio, video or even animated reactions when you don’t want to interrupt the conversation

A visual layer to your team

Access your team’s presence and work instantly

Check status and availability in seconds

Get a quick insight on who’s in the office and what they’re working on instantly.

Bring a sense of unity to your team

Experience a cohesive virtual space that fosters unity and strengthens team bonds, promoting a sense of togetherness.

Utilize ovice’s analytics to boost performance

By measuring the impact of ovice's adoption and activation through data, you can take appropriate actions to achieve better results.

Customization beyond limits

Expand your virtual horizons with our flexible spaces

Build internal and external events within ovice

Create onboarding & training events, team building activities and corporate events all without leaving your virtual office

Rebuild your space freely and with no limitations

The unique advantage of a virtual space is the ability to easily expand and increase space like a real building, only without the same cost.

Abundant virtual layouts

Your office layout can be changed in seconds. You can also choose from over 200 free design from our library or request a design to be made for your company

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