Visual layer to the remote world for

  • social interactions
  • communication
  • visibility
  • connections
  • alignment
  • productivity

oVice combines the best of in-person and remote environments to drive collaboration, efficiency and productivity

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Virtual Office

Bring your team together whether they’re working remotely or in the office

  • Improve visibility across the organization
  • Eliminate the feeling of isolation
  • Make remote onboarding fast and engaging
  • Reduce reliance on meetings and chats
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Virtual Classroom

Create an online classroom for lectures, group breakouts, study sessions, tutoring, and hangouts

  • Promote student interactions during and after class
  • Organize & oversee group breakout sessions
  • Bring inclusivity and accessibility to the classroom
  • Provide students with an online collaborative study space
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Virtual Events

Host one-time or recurring virtually interactive events or conferences

  • Throw a holiday party for your remote employees
  • Host a virtual happy hour for your team
  • Give attendees a space for networking
  • Connect speakers and the audience
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What oVice can do

Casual chats

Move your avatar near a teammate to chat

Webinars, Town Halls

Create an area for larger events

Private Meeting Rooms

Book a meeting room, lock it for privacy

Public or Private Spaces

Set your space as Public or Private

Multiple Floors

Unite your spaces into a single building for easy access

Multiple screen sharing

Present multiple screens to share ideas or compare drafts

Here’s why organizations rely on oVice

If you come to the company’s virtual office, work there and connect with everyone, it gives a sense of togetherness. In our case, we also started feeling more unity in our day-to-day work.

Taku Ishiwa

IT Development and Operations Reform Division / Asahi Kasei Pharma

We feel that oVice has become an indispensable tool for us. We are always thinking about how to gather the experience and knowledge of remote workers in one place, and I think oVice is the best tool for this.

Hidetoshi Kikuchi

General Manager / RICOH JAPAN

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