ovice Update Information August 2023 - Part 2

August 30, 2023

Be There for Your Team with ovice  

Announcing 4 new updates for the second half of August 2023 for the ovice business metaverse.

■ Click here for previous information: ovice update information for the first half of August 2023

1. Notification Center

ovice has many ways to communicate other than verbal conversations, such as Direct Mention Chats and Shoulder Tap.

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering if you may have missed an important conversation while you were inactive, you’ll love the recently implemented  Notification Center, where you can check your history.

Learn who, when, and how your teammates have contacted you, and easily react. A numbered badge is also attached to the notification icon, making it easy to see what you may have missed while you were away.

▲ovice notification center

2. See Who’s Entered and Exited with Meeting Room Notifications

Ovice's Meeting Room is a dedicated space where you can have a conversation in a private room environment where outside audio cannot disturb you. By default, ovice enables open communication beyond physical proximity, but at the same time can handle more confidential conversations. This flexibility allows users to engage in both social and private conversations easily.

Occasionally, meeting attendees may not be able to arrive in the meeting room on time. Our new meeting room notification feature has been added to the ovice conference room that allows you to see which members may have entered the room (late) after you.

▲Notifications in the meeting room (top right of the screen)

When a user leaves the room, 〇〇 has left the room will be displayed. It is now easier to visualize who came to a meeting and when they arrived, and who may have missed it, through notifications.

3. Added 3 New Items to Personal Settings

The UI of the personal settings screen has been updated with three new items added with this update.

▲Personal settings screen

Home Location - Set the new Start at a Home Location feature from the Space Settings tab at the bottom of the Personal Settings menu. When this feature is configured, users will  access the space from the specified position within the space when they access the space URL (https://○○.ovice.in/).

Space Notifications - Set these preferences from Space Settingstab at the bottom of the Personal Settings menu. Choose whether to display pop-up notifications for each communication type. You can also choose whether to receive notifications for each space.

Microphone Audio Test - Access this feature from Audio Settings, which is the second from the top of the Personal Settings menu. Perform an audio test of the microphone set on the audio settings screen. The audio recorded with the configured microphone will be played back.

By using the home location function, you can set the location for each user when they enter the room. You can sit in your own seat as soon as you log in, and you can avoid congestion of joining the space at the default entrance or being interrupted by a joining user if engaged near the default entrance.

▲Home location settings

▲Access a fixed location at any time

4. Space Management Function

ovice can connect multiple spaces to form a building. The Space Management function that allows you to manage buildings on ovice has been updated.

From the Space Management tool, you can easily check the buildings you manage and the spaces contained in the buildings. From this screen, you can also perform operations such as adding new spaces to existing buildings and changing the number of floors (or spaces) added to each building.

▲Space management

▽This feature is available on Team and Business plans. Please check the help page below for operating instructions.Space management (building)
Space management (space)