ovice Update Information August 2023 - Part 1

August 2, 2023

Connect with Anyone, From Anywhere!

Announcing 3 new updates for the first half of August 2023 for the ovice business metaverse.

1. “Available” Status in Microsoft Teams

Real-time conversations with ovice are useful for smoother work and deepening your relationships with your teammates. Alternatively, chat tools have the convenience of asynchronously sharing information such as text and images.

Because of the characteristics of both, many people use multiple tools, including ovice, in their work.

In response to requests from users, we are now able to link user status between ovice and Microsoft Teams. If you enable the Microsoft Teams status integration in the user settings on ovice, the status on Microsoft Teams will also be reflected in the upper right corner of ovice's avatar.

Previously, it was possible to set up the Microsoft Teams status integration, but with this update, the Available status icon will also be displayed on the ovice avatar.

Previously, the Teams user status was only displayed when the user was unable to respond, such as Busy or Do Not Disturb. With this update, you can now communicate your availability more naturally and clearly.

The Available status lets others know that you are available for work, and creates an atmosphere of accessibility, making it easier for others to communicate freely with you.

▼For Microsoft Teams integration setup information, please check the help center for more details.
Microsoft Teams status link

2. Noise Canceling Function Added to “ovice Go”

When participating in an online meeting using the ovice Go mobile app, have you ever worried that your voice may be difficult to hear due to ambient noise?

A noise canceling function has been added to ovice's mobile app ovice Go. This noise canceling function is the same Krisp functionality already available on the PC version.

Now, when you are on the go and cannot open your computer, you can use the ovice Go mobile app to easily access your ovice space, and communicate with clear sound quality.

The Krisp noise canceling function instantly eliminates almost all sounds other than human voices, so in situations where you would previously hesitate to have a conversation because the surrounding environmental sounds were too loud, you may now do so. Connect with your team at any time to share a good idea or make the most of your travel time, without missing the right moment.

▼For more information, please check the Help Center.
Audio settings (ovice Go – mobile app)

3. Added Conference Room to Location Information Display Cocket Avatar Display

ovice has a location information display function. This feature allows users of the ovice Go mobile app to display their actual location as an avatar in ovice space.

The ability to see the physical location of people who are working in a real office is useful not only for people who are in the office, but also for people working remotely who want to engage with their on-site co-workers.

With this feature, an avatar will be displayed when the device of a user active on ovice Go detects a beacon installed in a real office. With this update, the avatar can now be displayed in a meeting room

By using this function, it is possible to allow people who have moved to a real conference room to enter the conference room on ovice.

▼For more information, please check the Help Center.
Installation of location information display socket/
use of linked location information display socket

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