ovice Update Information October 2023

October 23, 2023

ovice Update Information October

Boost Efficency with New ovice Features!

Announcing 4 new updates for October 2023.

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1. Notifications Displayed on Web Browser Tab

ovice makes it convenient to talk to your team members without having to create new links or schedule conversations in advance.

If users are busy in other browser tabs, however, they may miss others’ messages or attempts to get their attention. To help with this, we’ve added a convenient notification indicator viewable in the browser tab accessing ovice. This makes it easier to see the number of unread notifications that can be addressed later.

Up until now, ovice has notified users of the presence or absence of unread notifications in the notification center by displaying a "●" (red circle) on the web browser tab, but with this update, the "number" of unread notifications will also be displayed.

When you are trying to speak with another user, ovice will notify the other person on your behalf that you’re trying to reach them, to help reduce wait times for replies.

                                                       ▲The number of unread notifications "(1)" is displayed on the web browser tab.

2. Added Export Function for Insights Data (Business Plan Only)

ovice's Insights is a tool that visualizes user activity in spaces. Data can be analyzed and used to make more effective use of the space and establish usage.

With this update, you can now download the number of conversations, movements, chats, reactions, etc. in the form of a CSV file by clicking on the three dots on the Insights screen and selecting CSV download.

                                                        ▲If you check the behavior in the ovice space numerically, you may be able to get suggestions about
                                                        how the members should proceed with their work.

3. UI Updates to Meeting Room Schedules

At ovice, you can reserve a meeting room to use within the space in advance. In this update, we have introduced three improvements related to this feature. This makes it even easier to use when confirming and creating reservations.

  • You can now filter reservations displayed on your schedule by date and time.
  • Only administrators and bookers can now edit and delete schedules.
  • You can now filter the conference rooms that can be booked when creating a new reservation.

Conversations in ovice meeting rooms cannot be overheard by anyone outside the room, so you can have confidential or sensitive conversations in private. Being able to communicate securely can help strengthen team cohesion more than ever before.

                                                                                                  ▲Schedule confirmation screen

4. Added Department to User Profile 

Department has been added to the profile item. By including this value in your profile information, it lets other users have more insight about who you are and your role in the organization. When viewing other users’ profiles, you may see their Department information, to learn more about your team members and find the right members to speak with as needed.