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May 23, 2022
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Idea Buyers Club
Bob Fu
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A community founded in 2020
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“ovice allows the community management teams to expand their reach and connect with visitors from all over the world.”!”

Bob Fu | Founder of the space

With ovice, building a community of creators and like-minded thinkers is easy and fun. The platform gives people all the tools they need to get to know each other, share ideas, and build things together.

This time, we take a closer look at a fascinating community-based in ovice: Idea Buyers Club. We had a chat with Bob Fu, the founder of the space, about his vision for the club and the experience of using ovice.

If you want to visit Bob’s space, feel free to come over to the BlindBird Cafe.

A creative space for a creative community

Idea Buyers Club is a community founded in 2020. It brings together creators (professionals, amateurs, and self-taught enthusiasts) to work on their projects, discuss ideas, and share advice.

Throughout the day, people come to the BlindBird Cafe to focus on their work. At night, they host chats and idea-sharing sessions.

At the moment, Idea Buyers Club has a rapidly growing community with up to 100 people coming in regularly to work on their projects and flesh out ideas.

Creative design: key to success

The Idea Buyers Club team is running a two-story space: a cafe and a creator fair. In the cafe, people chat and brainstorm or work while listening to music.

It is a cozy place divided into spaces for all uses: a music zone where you can listen to the latest hits, a cinema, and an area for focused work.

The BlindBird cafe is stylish in every detail: there are glimmering neon signs and animated posters on the walls.

This place is full of artwork and gives off a chill, live-in-the-moment vibe.

In the creator fair zone, guests share ideas, discuss projects, and trade their work. It’s a beautiful garden with cherry trees and picnic tables.

What the team liked about ovice

Bob was impressed by interactive reactions and animations that helped bring joy and casual magic to the space. In his own words, he had a good time talking to the ovice team — everyone was supportive and fun.

Idea Buyers Club saw ovice as a flexible, creative playground where creators can let loose and turn ideas into reality. Also, it allowed the community management teams to expand their reach and connect with visitors from all over the world.

What surprised the team about using ovice

Idea Buyers Club never used a platform like ovice before so they were pleasantly surprised by most features. The ability to create a custom design, move around freely, and talk to people casually were the most impressive features.

The founders of the space loved the idea of running a space that is open 24/7. Creating such an environment would be next to impossible in real life but is easy to do in ovice.

Simplicity is everything

When people visit BlindBird Cafe, they find it “simple but interesting”. There are no distractions, nothing gets in the way of productive work. On the other hand, spending some time in a virtual cafe is a lot more fun than joining video calls using traditional conferencing platforms.

With ovice, Idea Buyers Club managed to create an easy-to-use yet attention-grabbing space.

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