ovice Holiday Season Decorating Ideas

December 13, 2023

Festive Holiday Workspace Ideas the Whole Team can Enjoy!
The winter holidays are a great time to celebrate and share the seasonal festivities and cultures of your diverse workplace!
With remote work, however, how can you replicate the same holiday atmosphere with your team?

With ovice, we make it easy to add a festive flair to your workspace, and give your teams the ability to share fun seasonal images, customize their avatars and desks, and so much more!

① Change the Background Design

Transform the entire workspace instantly with a new background image!
You can create it yourself using Figma or Illustrator, or you can choose a free background image from the ovice library of pre-made background images.
By choosing from ovice's collection of ready layouts, you can immediately enjoy a warm holiday atmosphere created by ovice's designers right away.



▲Christmas Themed Virtual Workspace


② Decorate with Accessories

What is your favorite holiday-themed icon? Santa, a sleigh, a snow-covered tree, gingerbread...ornaments like sparkling stars and spheres are also wonderful. Why not add gift box images?
Place a festive figurine on your virtual desk, to be reminded of the happiness of the season. Decorate your ovice workspace easily!

Simply place images and GIF data wherever you like. It's very easy to do: just click on the menu, register your favorite image, and drag it to the
spot you want it to appear!
Decorate the entrance to your workspace, your seat, or a common area with your favorite items!

This year, ovice may have a gift for you.
Please look forward to the wonderful Christmas items brought to you by the ovice design team!

③ Decorate your Avatar

With ovice, you’re able to set a custom image, such as your own photo, as your avatar image. Why not make it festive?
Carry a reindeer on your shoulder, and wear a hat! Add an emoji, or use images sweets 🍬


Work-From-Home culture is helping employers and workers around the world achieve both success and balance. With ovice, everyone can enjoy the new standard of success, while still celebrating the joy of the holiday season with their team members and co-workers.