ovice Update Information March 2024

March 11, 2024

Unlocking Convenience: Discover ovice's Latest Updates
Including Remote Shoulder Taps and Easy Emoji Changes

Added a “Like” Feature to Mention Chats

Previously, likes could only be given to public chats sent to everyone, but now it's possible to 'like' mention chats as well.

This allows you to easily express your thanks or acknowledgment to the person who sent you the chat.

▲ 'Likes' can now be given to mention chats

Easily Edit Emoji on Avatars

Many people use the emoji on their avatar to express their feelings for the day or to indicate that they are open to being approached. 

With this update, by clicking on the emoji part of the avatar, you can now easily set, change, or remove emojis.

▲You can now set your avatar emoji directly on the space

Shoulder Tap from a distance now possible

Previously, it was necessary to physically move within hearing range of another person to perform a "shoulder tap," but with this update,
you can now do so from a distance.

By double-clicking on someone's avatar or clicking on their avatar and pressing the "shoulder tap" button, your avatar will automatically move
close to theirs and perform the "shoulder tap."

This eliminates the need to manually move closer into hearing range, making the feature even more convenient to use.

Session timeout duration can now be set in the organizational management screen

The session timeout duration, which was set to enhance organizational security, can now be adjusted between 2 hours and 1 month.

The default setting for session timeout is 7 days, but it can be shortened for increased security or extended for less stringent settings,
according to your organization's policy.