ovice Update Information February 2024

February 5, 2024

ovice Update Information
February 2024

Features that enable precise control over departmental information access.

Permission Unit Feature

The Permission Unit feature allows you to set who can view certain information. For example, the HR department can access the management screen that includes user information, while only the development department can access the system design screen, such as APIs. This enables you to control the information that each department can access.

This helps prevent personal information from being visible to more people than necessary, allowing you to work on ovice with peace of mind while protecting privacy.

This feature is available only to users on the Team or Business plans.

▲ You can now set accessible information with the Permission Unit Feature

Improvements to the Space View feature of the mobile app ovice Go

Improvements to the Space View feature of the mobile app ovice Go'

Great news for everyone who has expressed a desire for a smoother and more user-friendly way to view ovice spaces on mobile. The mobile app ovice Go' has been updated to allow more intuitive operation.

Previously implemented, the space view screen, which allows you to see the ovice space, now displays a 'Connect' button on objects. Clicking this button makes it easy to join meetings.

You can now also control reactions and microphone toggling during meetings directly from the space view screen on your mobile device. 

Addition of Public API Features

We released the public API in late January 2024 allowing notifications from various tools to be consolidated in ovice, preventing any oversights. We have now added new public API features.

By utilizing this public API, you can, for example, automatically change a user's status when they enter a certain area, or develop features that change the emojis displayed on avatars.