ovice Update Information April 2024

April 8, 2024

Introducing Automatic status switching 

Addition of "Away" status for the desktop app version

Have you ever forgotten to change your status when stepping away from your computer and missed a colleague's call? You might be surprised at how common of an issue this is.

But don’t worry, ovice has got you covered! We are delighted to introduce a feature exclusive to the oVice Desktop App which helps switch your ovice status to “Away” when the PC screen is locked. 

This makes it easy for others to contact you only when they are certain of your full availability.

Reload Function

Users have voiced their frustrations with the reloading process in the desktop App and we listened. Addressing this we have simplified the experience. 

Now, the reload button is prominently placed at the top right of your screen—making it instantly accessible and easier to find. We're excited to enhance your ovice experience with this user-friendly update!

▲ Press the arrow mark to reload

Notification Feature Improvement

With this exhilarating update, we've improved how you reconnect in ovice! 

If you've missed an attempt to communicate, simply click the notification in the notification center and you will instantly see the user's location highlighted by a vibrant red circle. 

No more fumbling through searches—reconnecting is now effortless and immediate, ensuring you never miss a beat in your collaborations!

UI Improvement of Avatar Pop-up

We have improved the UI of the avatar pop-up so that the department, position, location, time and profile text are now displayed.

This makes it possible to find out information about your colleagues at just a glance.

▲ When you hover over an avatar, the department, position, location, time and status memo (if set) will be displayed.