ovice Update Information November 2023

November 29, 2023

ovice Update Information

November 2023

Share the Right Information with the Right People at the Right Time

Announcing 7 new updates for November 2023.

1. Organization Management and Group Chat Mentions

If you use ovice as a workplace for multiple departments, you can now send chats to specific groups of users to reduce chat overload and get things done faster. Loop in the most relevant users, without distracting those with messages that may not pertain to them.

This update adds the ability to assign users to specific groups, as well as direct messaging (mention chats) for groups - improving efficiency and increasing transparency among teams.

Use the chat field to convey ideas to members that go beyond a verbal conversation. A platform that allows you to share through multiple channels of communication will help push your team to achieve results that exceed expectations.

2. More Live Gesture Reactions

Three new reactions have been added to the gesture reactions feature that was added earlier this month.

Three types of gestures have been added: applause, heart, and no (X emoji).

Even when you want to continue communicating without taking your eyes off the screen, you can now express even more reactions. Since you can convey your emotions without interrupting the conversation, it  provides a seamless way to express yourself and set the tone of your interactions.

                                                        ▲If you raise your hands toward the camera, a clapping emoji will appear from your avatar's speech bubble.

                                                        ▲If you face the camera and make a heart with both hands, a heart emoji will appear from your avatar's speech bubble.

                                                        ▲If you cross your fingers toward the camera, a cross emoji will appear from your avatar's speech bubble.

3. Tutorial Avatar

Until now, when a member is using ovice for the first time, they would often depend on other members for help getting started in the workspace. Going forward, the new "tutorial avatar" is here to help!

When a registered user accesses ovice for the first time, a tutorial pop-up will be displayed. When a user clicks "start now," they can learn about basic operations, such as "conversation" and "screen sharing" as if having a conversation with an AI avatar.

Once a user has already started using the service, they may click the ? button at the bottom left of the screen to use the tutorial avatar at any time.

                                                                      ▲Tutorial avatar talking to the user

                                                                      ▽For more information, please check the Help Center.

4. Meeting Objects Now Launched when Other Quick Objects are Opened

ovice's "Quick Object" tools allow users to launch and use various functions that can be used in a space, such as a verbal conversation or screen sharing. Users may now more easily start additional sharing functions when conversing in the space.

Previously, if no other user was within the range of a launched quick object, it was difficult to communicate the need for others to connect to it. (In this case, you can share functionality with each other by connecting to quick objects.)

With this update, the "meeting object" will now start at the same time as some quick objects. This makes it easier to visually convey to others that they should connect to the object to participate in the shared content.

                                                        ▲ Users connected to the meeting object (on the right). Users who are not connected by a line
                                                       (for example, the Member on the left and the Member on the right) cannot share content with each other.

5. Recording Function (Approved Business Subscribers Only)

This is a function that records participants' audio, video, and shared screens in ovice meeting rooms. Business plan customers can now apply to enable this tool.

This is useful when you want to share the content of a meeting with other members unable to attend,  or to review it later.

When you notify meeting participants that you want to start recording and click "Start Recording," a timer will appear in the upper left and recording will begin.

Only the user (host) who started recording can stop recording, and an email with a link to the recorded data will be automatically sent to the host a few minutes after recording stops.

                                                            ▲Record button on the control toolbar (indicated by a red frame)

6. Transcription Object (Business Plan Only)

A "transcription object" that transcribes conversations in real time is now available in the Business Plan (application required).

Using this object, you can generate meeting minutes using AI and automatically translate into a set language to enable synchronous meetings in multiple languages.

It will now be possible to do things that were previously impossible, such as collaboration between members who mainly speak Japanese and those who mainly speak English.

                                                        ▲ By selecting the language you want to speak in a meeting, the voice of the other party who speaks
                                                        a different language will be  automatically translated into the language you set.

7. Others

The display of each tooltip of the menu displayed on the space has been updated. You can now see what functions are available by hovering over each menu on the top right, bottom right, or each icon on the control toolbar at the bottom center.

This allows even those who have just started using ovice to use each function more easily.

 ▲An example of a tool tip (indicated by a red frame)