ovice Logo Guidelines

About the use of the ovice logo:

By using the ovice logo, users are deemed to have agreed to the "ovice Logo Usage Terms". Please ensure you have reviewed these terms before using our logo.

Available ovice logos:

Horizontal logo

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※Note: If you are using the logo in media such as TV, newspapers, magazines, online articles, etc., please notify us at media(at)ovice.co. (We apologize for the inconvenience, but please replace (at) with @).
Scope of Logo Use
The ovice logo can be used for the purpose of introducing the ovice service on external media and SNS platforms. For other purposes, please refer to the "ovice Logo Usage Regulations".
ovice Logo Usage Guidelines
We generally recommend using the black ovice logo. If the background color compromises visibility, please use the white ovice logo.
The ovice logo comes in two colors: black and white (the recommended version is the black horizontal logo). You cannot change the color of the logo. However, it's permissible to overlay the ovice logo on colored backgrounds, images, or illustrations. In such cases, ensure that the overall visibility of the ovice logo is not compromised.
When using the ovice logo provided by ovice, you must use it without deforming, processing, or modifying the data.
The following uses of the ovice logo are prohibited:

• Rotating the ovice logo.
• Changing the aspect ratio or color of the ovice logo.
• Displaying other elements within the clear space of the ovice logo.
• Adding visual effects to the ovice logo.

※Examples of what’s not allowed: