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Alumni Association of ESBS hosts a hybrid Alumni Day
By oVice • December 9, 2021 • 4 min read
“From live-streamed conferences and networking areas to fun game activities, everything was almost the same as on-site!”
“While they’re nothing new, hybrid events have certainly become top-of-mind as COVID-19 has changed the way the world lives and conducts business. Not only that, but hybrid events continue to evolve and close the gap between the experiences that physical and virtual audiences have. We’re seeing today’s hybrid events go beyond a live stream to fully engage both virtual and in-person audiences through chat, streaming, networking, and more.

”This year, exceptionally, the Association of the ESBS (AAE) hosted the 2021 Alumni Day event both onsite and online. The day was full of conferences and networking sessions, and great opportunities to reunite with former classmates. The students got the chance to meet inspiring biotechnologists, discover their careers and the challenges they overcame, and mostly listen to their stories and advice, and learn how to become a game-changer.

Whether alumni, students, professors, or former or current ESBS directors, almost 100 participants were gathered to meet again (For some after many years!). The day was filled with 8 conferences and lots of exciting questions and debates.
Virtual event space for the Alumni Day Ovice Official
About AAE
The AAE was founded in 1990 with the goal of tightly linking the ESBS (Ecole Supérieure de Biotechnologie de Strasbourg) and its students to the industrial world. Furthermore, it was intended to develop a strong network between the alumni themselves and also with the current students.

Website: https://esbsalumni.com/
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/esbsalumni/
Alumni Day 2021: Offline vs at oVice
For the sake of not missing a thing of what’s happening offline, the AAE organizing committee used the YouTube object to stream the conference live for the online attendees.

Also, the space layout was divided into different areas (Main stage, networking lounge, game area, and help desk), so people were able to easily navigate the event space by moving their avatar from one place to the other and connecting with fellow students.
Front: Virtual event space for the Alumni Day Ovice Official
Back: Alumni Association ESBS — AAE
Activities held during the event
1. Speakers’ Sessions:
The sessions are 4 in total, each with a different subject, including Women Leadership in Science, Challenges in Transversal Management, Green Biotechnologies, and a Translation Research session on how to bring your ideas to life.

2. Speed Interviews:
The speed interview program, planned in the afternoon in parallel to the speaker’s sessions, allows the sponsors of the Alumni Day to meet with the ESBS Alumni and students during face-to-face interviews.

Any Alumni or student brings their CV and discusses opportunities or simply exchanges with the representative of one or several companies.

3. Networking:
Networking was not left aside, and there were many occasions to connect and share: whether over the lunch break or during one of the game activities such as the Draw Your Job game or the Wall of BS families.

4. AAE Anniversary:
This year, the association also celebrated its 30th anniversary. For this occasion, everyone collected representative pictures of their education at the ESBS(conferences, parties, outings,…) to add to the photo wall gallery.

5. Evening Restaurant:
For those who joined in person, they gathered at the end of the event at the Ancienne Douane to have a dinner meal together. There were different types of delicious servings, even vegetarian options!
People were able to easily navigate the event space by moving their avatar from one place to the other and connecting with fellow students.
The day ended on a tasty note as the participants enjoyed a traditional alsatian dinner together!

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