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Real-world examples of how oVice is driving success for global businesses.

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Quest uses ovice to redefine their ‘workplace’
Quest Co., Ltd launched a company-wide policy of remote work amidst the novel coronavirus pandemic in 2020...
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Money Forward builds a remote environment for onboarding & collaboration
Money Forward, a fintech service provider, adopted remote work a few years ago. Approximately 60 engineers work at the company’s...
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Introducing oVice to 1,800 employees - Transcosmos Inc.
Remote work often results in a communication standstill and a growing number of distressed employees. The head office of transcosmos inc...
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We feel that oVice has become an indispensable tool for us. We are always thinking about how to gather the experience and knowledge of remote workers in one place, and I think oVice is the best tool for this.
Hidetoshi Kikuchi
General Manager/ RICOH JAPAN
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